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How can l encourage new growth at the base of my 4 year old Lilly Pilly?

They are growing new foliage except at the base

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Hi Nat,

Thank you for sending the photo. Besides looking very sparse at the base, the foliage looks as though it may have been affected by some hot drying winds. I know we have had some extreme temperatures this year and lots of our plants have been affected. To help your hedge recover, you might like to apply either a seaweed solution to the soil or use a Yates Drought Sheild. This product will put a protective film over the surface of the leaf to protect again sunburn. As the leaf grows the film will simply stretch to ensure that protection. The fact that your lillypilly plants are now 4 years old, it is going to be a little difficult to get a thick bushy look back from your hedge. To maintain a thick hedge, it would have been necessary to prune your hedge on a regular basis, thus avoiding the bare look at the base which they now present. You could feed them to try and encourage some new growth and then prune the tops to hopefully encourage some new growth up the stems. I can see where your have planted a smaller hedge around the base of the trunks to fill in that bare area. If you are not successful in encouraging that new growth at the base of the plants, perhaps you could encourage those smaller plants you have planted to fill in the gap. Good luck. I do hope you can achieve the desired look you want.



Answered: 11 Feb, 2013

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