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I would like to treat collar rot on a eucalyptus tree using Anti Rot as a soil drench.

I have a small mallee gum that has collar rot - it’s in clay soil and we’ve had very high rainfall in Gippsland this winter - spring. Two of the trunks appear to be dying but the cambium layer is still green when I scratch its surface - the neighbouring eucalyptus trees don’t appear to have collar rot. Do you think I could try to save the affected tree? I’ve got the Anti Rot Phosacid Systemic Fungicide. Cheers, Wendy McDonald

Australian Natives • Diseases

'Yates Anti Rot' is the right product for controlling collar rot. It is a systemic fungicide which is absorbed by the foliage and travels down to the roots, can be used on various plants to control phytophthora root rot, crown rot and collar rot. 
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Answered: 8 Dec, 2021

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