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Will the winter grass killer product kill off Kilkuyu in my Buffalo lawn

My north facing full sun lawn is mostly buffalo and I like it that way. However last year we had the lawn grub and it took a bit hit. Unfortunately I was then infested with onion weed(which I have killed off), oxalis(in process of killing off) winter grass and buffalo which are my next targets. I have fertilised the soil, top dressed it and forked it. If the winter grass killer takes 60 days to work how often do I need to reapply and will it permanently kill off the kikuyu as well. Thanks. Trish

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Hi Trish,

Your poor lawn seems to have gone through a difficult time as of late and you are obviously trying to get it back into better shape by getting rid of all those nuisance weeds. Winter Grass Killer can be safely used on buffalo and couch grass only. We know that it does have some adverse effect on other grasses such as kikuyu. Strictly speaking the Winter Grass Killer cannot be used as a control for winter grass in kikuyu but it certainly would have some effect on the grass. The Winter Grass Killer is applied to moist soil during autumn and winter when the young winter grass seedlings first appear. The product needs to be thoroughly watered in after the application. The winter grass will die slowly with effects evident 4 - 8 weeks after the application. Unfortunately, this product has been discontined, you may try spot spray with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller which is a contact herbicide. Take care when applying as it will kill any plants it contacts. The fact that the product will kill off the winter grass in its seedling form, this will ensure that the weed is unable to mature and flower thus stopping further spread of the seed of this weed. If the kikuyu continues to grow strongly in your buffalo lawn, you may need to carefully apply Zero Weedspray to the blade of the kikuyu making sure that you avoid contact with the buffalo grass. I do hope you are able to enjoy your lawn once more and are able to get your lawn back to its former glory.



Answered: 16 Jan, 2012

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