What post emergent spray can I use on my tall fescue lawn to control goosegrass/wire grass?

I have started to manually remove them but wonder if there is post-emergence herbicide that I can apply to kill off the weeds without harming the fescue?


23 January 2019 01:19 AM

Dear David,

Unfortunately there is no selective weedkiller that can be applied to your fescue lawn that will control this particular weed. You can certainly hand remove it (as you have already been doing). Another method would be to use a weedbrush filled with Zero Superconcentrate Weed Killer and dab the herbicide onto the foliage of the goosegrass. The chemical will be absorbed by the foliage which is then translocated down to the roots to destroy the weed roots and all. If possible, leave the weed undisburbed for 2 weeks to allow the herbicide to take effect.

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