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What is the best type of lawn for Adelaide South Australia conditions?

I have full sun in the summer mounths but full shade in the winter months due to tall house. What type of lawn seed due you recommend for these conditions.Have just prepared soil and waiting it to heat up.Regards Steve

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Dear Steve,

Yates do have a variety of lawn seed available to the home gardener. Couch and Kikuyu are considered to be warm season grass and do best when planted in a full sun position. The fact that the area where your lawn is situated is in full shade in the winter months, both of these grasses will struggle to do well. Yates do have a lawn seed under the Hortico brand called Tough & Drought Hardy. It contains a combination of lawn seed such as Annual Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass (which are both quick germinating, hard wearing, drought tolerant) Kentucky Bluegrass (a running grass type)Creeping Red Fescue (shade tolerant) and Unhulled Couch, also drought tolerant and hard wearing. Now that the weather and soils are warming up, late spring to mid summer is the time to be sowing this seed. When sowing the soil it is important to keep the seed moist at all times. It may require watering several times a day particularly if the weather is hot and windy. Avoid having people or pets walk on the area until the seed has germinated and the lawn is established. Good luck, I am sure you will have a beautiful lawn this summer.



Answered: 20 Sep, 2011

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