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What happens if I water lawn straight after applying weed n feed granular?

This morning at 7:30am with limited time and a toddler asleep I stupidly didn't read instructions and have applied granular weed n feed to my lawn (I at least have bought for the right type of lawn) And Immediately turned on my sprinklers! For a good 40 minutes. It was mowed a week ago. What will happen? Please help

Lawns • Weeds

If Yates Weed 'n' Feed is watered in shortly after applying (or before 2 days), it will help green the lawn, but it will not control the weeds. The product is designed to burn the weeds and to do so, it needs to sit on the leaves for at least 2 days (48 hours) with no water or rain. We recommend waiting at least 3 weeks before reapplying so that the lawn is not put under any stress. 



Answered: 15 Oct, 2020

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