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Using Yates Weed-n-Feed to eradicate buffalo in a blue couch lawn

Some years ago I used Yates "Not for Buffalo" Weed-n-Feed to eradicate buffalo in a blue couch lawn with very good results so much so that when buffalo started to encroach fro next door again I used the same technique but on this occasion the buffalo was not damaged and perhaps growing better than before the treatment. So I am wondering whether the formulation of this grade of Weed-n-Feed has changed in the interim and if so are there any other products that would give me the desired results.

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Unfortunately, we do not have a selective herbicide to control grass in grass at this point in time.
We do not recommend applying Weed n Feed to kill buffalo in couch lawn as it is not registered for this purpose.  It may cause stress or damage to the buffalo, but may not be effective in controlling it.  Grasses are considered tough weeds.
Our technical team regularly review our products and make formulation changes when advances are available to them. In some cases, it may be a slight or a major change. When this occurs the products are tested to ensure efficacy and compliance with the registration under the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) - Australian Government.
Try 'Yates Zero Weedkiller Super Concentrate' as a spot spray, or paint on with the 'Yates Zero Weeding Brush'. Please use caution when using the weedkiller near other plants/lawn, because everything that it touches could potentially kill. 
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Answered: 6 May, 2022

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