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Liverworts in lawn

Part of my lawn is next to North facing fence and constantly shady and wet. It is getting overgrown with what I identified as liverwort plant. Selective lawn herbicides have no effect on it. How can I get rid of out other than just digging it out?

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Sorry, we do not have a selective weedkiller that will only target the liverworts and not harm your lawn. There is the product Slasher that will control the liverworts, but it will need to be applied as a spot spray in your lawn. Just remember Slasher is non-selective and kills whatever green/living plant tissue it touches. 
Try Slasher Weedkiller. It doesn't contain any glyphosate and rapidly kills weeds, moss, algae,liverworts and lichen. Spray thoroughly for best results.
Take care though, it's a non-selective herbicide, which means any drift onto your favourite plants could damage them.
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Answered: 22 Jun, 2021

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