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How do you treat Winter Grass?

We effectively used the poison in winter but it did leave large patches where the buffalo took a hit. We thought it would be possible when the buffalo has re-established to attack again the many winter grass weed seedlings. Will this be effective against the weeds and will it damage the buffalo? Sincerely Bruce Donald

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Hi Bruce,

Winter grass should only be treated in late autumn and winter when the winter grass seedlings are quite small. Once the seed heads have developed then it is really too late to apply the Winter Grass Killer. It can take up to 4-8 weeks for the product to kill the winter grass. As the weather warms up the winter grass will die naturally. If you still have some seedlings present then it would be best to pull them out by hand to stop any further seeds being deposited into the ground for next year. Fertilise the buffalo and the patches will fill in quite quickly as the weather warms up.



Answered: 6 Oct, 2012

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