How do you get rid of rye grass in couch lawns?

Dear expert team,
Last year I sowed a rye grass mix into my (I think) couch lawn. I didn't know that there were different grasses. My lawn is tight but I had long spikes of rye grass growing. I was using zero to get rid of it, but man there is a lot of it and I am sure it's indestructible. The rye grass died off over summer, however it is starting to come back. Any ideas how I can get rid of this stuff please.


21 May 2016 12:34 PM

Hello Emma,

Thank you for contacting Yates with your enquiry. Unfortunately we don't have a selective herbicide available to target ryegrass in your lawn. It does sound like an annual ryegrass. You will need to decide whether you continue to work away at it with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller until the seed numbers in the soil are sufficiently depleted, or else consider removing and replacing the affected area of your lawn. All the very best with it. Kind regards, Matt Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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