How do you eradicate Lippia in a yard?

We have well established lippia in our yard but were changing it for turf in a few weeks. We've eradicated the weeds with an application of glyphosate but the lippia looks healthier than ever 7 days later. We also have bindi grass but that seems to be responding better. We plan on digging up the soil next weekend (9 days away)to prepare for laying the turf but have heard it's best to have all weeds & previous ground covers eradicated prior to this. Is there anything we can use to kill the lippia or will digging it up be enough?


13 October 2011 01:07 AM

Hi Kim,

Lippia is susceptible to some selective herbicides such as Yates Bindii and Clover Weeder which contains MCPA and Dicamba. This product can not be applied to lippia, dichondra or strawberry clover as it damages the plant. It is too late to control the bindii using this product however is may have some effect on the lippia.

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