How do I remove onion weed from my lawn?

Have used weed and feed on three occasions however it keeps coming back?


12 June 2012 10:58 AM

Hi Rob,

Weed n Feed Granular contain iron sulphate which is not effective against onion weed. Weed 'n' Feed hose-on contains Dicamba and MCPA but neither of these herbicides are effective against onion weed. The only option is to apply Zero Glyphosate to the individual weeds taking care to avoid spraying the lawn. Zero Glyphosate is a total herbicide so what ever it contacts it will kill. Onion weed is difficult to control and it may take more than 1 treatment to give total control. Hand weeding is also another option. It you use a paint brush with some marker dye then you will be able to see what is treated and avoid accidentally walking through the spray residue.

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