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How do I oversow my kikuyu lawn with seeds?

Hi, I've got kikuyu seeds to oversow over a lawn of garden blend. Do I need to add top soil or rake it first?

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Hi Evelyn,

If there are distinct bare patches in the lawn I suggest you top dress with a sand/soil mixture to form a good base for a seed bed. Once this has been laid and lightly rakes apply the lawn seed. Scatter the first half of the seed in a North-South direction and the remaining half in a East-West direction. Rake into the surface in one direction only to ensure a more even result. Don't walk on the area or allow dogs onto the area until the lawn is well established. Keep the newly sown area damp at all times by watering regularly with a fine mist spray. It may require watering several times a days in hot or windy conditions. Do not mow until the lawn is 10 cm in height and then gradually reduce to a minimum of 5 cm.



Answered: 4 Dec, 2011

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