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How do I kill winter grass weed?

I have wintergreen lawn. I have noticed over the past few months that winter grass weed is populating my lawn. If I apply winter grass killer, will it kill my lawn as well? If so, what can I do to eradicate the weed.

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Hi Brian,

The Winter Grass Killer has only been tested and registered for use on common couch and buffalo grasses. The product hasn't been tested on 'Wintergreen' couch grass. It might be best to contact the people who supplied the turf to you and ask for their advice. It is more than likely they would use a similar active ingredient in keeping their turf farms free of this weed but as we haven't tested this product on 'wintergreen' couch we cannot comment on the effect in may have. Also, it is not the right time of year to be applying this product. Winter Grass Killer is best applied when soils are cool and moist, during autumn/winter. The seed would already have fallen into the soil by now, lying dormant until the conditions are right for next autumn/winter. This weed won't handle the hot weather and it will wither during the summer months. Keep your lawn healthy and mowed and next year when the foliage of the winter grass appears, either pull it out or use an appropriate herbicide.



Answered: 1 Nov, 2013

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