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How do I get rid of Creeping Oxalis in my lawn

How do I permanently eradicate Creeping Oxalis from my lawns?? Is this possible? I have tried all sorts of products which seems to kill it off but then 2 weeks later it seems to start growing again usually in the same area from which I had killed it. My neighbour is suffering more than me and has sprayed his whole lawn so many times that his grass is suffering terribly. I hate to think what my lawns would look like if I didn't try to control the Oxalis. My lawn is couch and my neighbours is some sort of hybrid couch. Please help us.

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Creeping Oxalis is a particularly difficult weed to eradicate in a lawn area. It can take many years of spraying with a selective herbicide before some kind control is noticed. The seeds of this weed are readily spread by soil and water movement, and can also be scattered by machinery such as lawn mowers. The recommended product to use for the control of creeping oxalis in an established lawn area is Yates Buffalo Pro Bindii & Broadleaf Weeder. Apply this product when the weeds are actively growing. It may be necessary to repeat the application if necessary. When applying the product via a sprayer, add the product to the required amount of water to cover the required number of square metres. To aid in spreading the product, a wetting agent such as PestOil (5mls per 6Litres) can be added to the mix. Couch is a warm season growing grass so Spring is the time to apply a good quality lawn food such as Dynamic Lifter for Lawns. This will provide long lasting nutrients for sustained healthy lawn and soil.



Answered: 22 Oct, 2019

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