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How do I control cape weed and cats eyes weeds

Hi. My block is covered in cape weed and cats eye. How can I eradicate both please?

Lawns • Weeds

Hi Barb,

I am assuming these weeds are in your lawn area. Yates have two products, Bindii & Clover Weeder (not suitable for buffalo lawns) and Buffalo Pro (suitable for established lawns such as buffalo, couch, kikuyu, bent, fescue, paspalum & ryegrass lawns) that can be used to control cape weed and catsear. Either of these products can be applied now to eradicate a large number of weeds that tend to invade our lawns at this time of year. When spring arrives, fertilise your lawn with a good quality lawn fertiliser e.g. Dynamic Lifter For Lawn Food to keep the root system of your lawn strong and healthy. Follow up with another spray of the Bindii & Clover Weeder or Buffalo Pro to keep weeds at bay during the growing season.



Answered: 1 Jun, 2014

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