How can I tell what lawn type I have

I have got some weeds in my lawn, they are getting active, I suppose, but they are not spread every where. I am after fertilizing as well. May I just use Weed 'n Feed (General one)? or should I just take out the big weeds and then fertilize the lawn. Is yellow and look like not doing well. Thanks


23 July 2012 04:04 AM

Hi Pedrum,

I am sure if you took a sample of your grass to your local nursery, they would be able to identify it for you. You are welcome to send us a photo if you wish. Now is the time to control those weeds that are appearing in your lawn. The Weed n Feed Hose-On product is suitable for use on lawns except Buffalo and Durban Grass. Yates does have a product that is suitable for all lawns, including buffalo, and it is called Buffalo Pro. It is available as a hose on product and also as a concentrate. This product will control weeds such as bindii, clover,dandelion,fleabane, creeping oxalis & cudweed. Once you have eliminated the weeds, you can then fertilise your lawn in spring with an excellent product called Lawn Master. This is a slow release fertiliser guaranteed to green up your lawn in a short period of time.

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