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Hi. I’m trying to prepare a patch of lawn for seeding with some Australian native grass seeds.

Using Momentum and Glyphosphate in Autumn, I appear to killed off the Kikuyu, but, having just hoed the bed, I’m finding a lot of kikuyu roots which I’m not sure are truly dead. I would like to address this before seeding. A web site recommended treating these roots with a product called Turflon Ester Ultra, which appears to be a mix of around 60% triclopyr and 40% kerosene (triclopyr is absorbed by roots). This product is not available in Australia, But I notice that the active constituent in Yates Tree and BlackBerry killer is triclopyr. So, I’m thinking I can use it instead, perhaps mixing it with some kerosene. My problem is that I cannot find the concentration of triclopyr in the Tree and BlackBerry Killer on the bottle in order to do a direct comparison with the American product in order to follow the instructions for kikuyu control (I can only see the grams per litre). Can you offer me some advice on this? This would be very much appreciated! Eric.

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

As the product Yates Tree and Blackberry killer is not registered to control grass but only wooden shrubs and trees, we are unable to recommend the application for your purpose. Please find the following active constituents for the product as requested: 50g/l triclopyr present as Butoxyethanol Ester.

Hope this helps and happy gardening.



Answered: 27 Aug, 2021

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