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Best weed n feed for a mixed grass lawn?

Hi. We have just moved back into our rental property and the lawn has not been maintained well. There are small patches of couch grass and other patches of sir walter, but mostly it is just weeds. We want to save all the grass (we don't mind that there is a mix). Is the Buffalo PRO Weed n Feed Hose-On ok to use on a yard with a mix of grasses? thanks.

Lawns • Weeds

Yes, Yates BuffaloPRO Weed'n'Feed is suitable for lawns including: established buffalo (NOT ST varieties), Couch (including QLD blue), Kikuyu, Bent, Fescue, Paspalum and Ryegrass Lawns. It is registered for the control of weeds: bindii, capeweed, clovers, cudweed, dandelion, lamb's tongue (plantain), thistles and wireweed.



Answered: 5 Feb, 2021

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