Are there any produsts that will kill just Spiny Burrgrass in my lawn and not kill my lawn

I have been digging out Spiny burgrass in my lawns but have not been able to stop it spreading through out my lawn. I am wanting to know of a poison that i could use to kill it but not kill my good blue couch grass


09 November 2011 03:43 AM

Hi Julie,

From what I have read about this weed, I can understand why it would be unwanted in your lawn. Yates do have selective herbicide products that will control bindii and other broadleaf weeds in the home garden but spiny burrgrass is not one that is listed on the label. You may need to contact a rural outlet in your area who should be able to help you with a commercial product that may be registered to control this particular weed. I have attached a fact sheet which I trust you will find of interest.

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