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If I treat my lawn with Weed N Feed will it kill the trees that grow in the same area?

I have several trees in my lawn area but want to use weed n feed to kill the weeds. I don't want to kill the trees. Which method of weed n feed is best..spray or granular?

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Hi Jay,

It will depend which type of grass as to whether the best option is the granular product or the liquid hose-on. If you have buffalo grass then the hose-on can not be used. The hose-on contains two herbicides Dicamba and MCPA and care must be taken around trees. The granular product contains iron as ferrous sulphate and is applied to wet grass and left for 2 days. It must not be walked on during this time. After two days the granules are watered and the fertiliser is released. As you have trees within the lawn area the best option may to apply the granular product.



Answered: 27 Oct, 2011

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