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Can my dog go no my grass after I use winter grass killer

Is it too late to use winter grass killer in the middle of september?

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Dear Mark,

Winter Grass Killer (which is no longer ranged by Yates) should be applied to your lawn during autumn/winter when the soil is cool and moist. It is too late now to apply the product as the winter grass is already flowering and dropping seed. With regard to pet safety when apply this product, make sure you put your dog in a safe location away from where you are spraying. After you apply the winter grass killer, the product needs to be thoroughly watered in. Keep your dog off the area until you have done this and don't allow him to return to the lawn area until the grass is completely dry. You will note on the label that the product has to be watered in immediately after applying it and then watered in again 24 hours later. As I said earlier, the grass has to be completely dry before your dog can walk on the grass



Answered: 11 Sep, 2019

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