What are these brown circular spots on my winter green lawn?

my lawn has been down for two years didnt know alot about ferterlising start this year lawn looked really good now not looking good, i was told i n eed to dethatch every two years i dont know wat this is? do i ferterlise im winter?


09 July 2012 04:40 AM

Hi Ben,

Is your lawn Winter Green Couch? During winter couch grass tends to loose some colour although winter green retains more colour than most. During the warmer months did you notice any caterpillars such as cut worm or armyworm present. These caterpillars attack the lawn during January and February. African black beetles are also a common pest of lawns in WA. Check the leaf blades for any spots which will indicate a disease such as Spring Dead Spot. This disease generally leaves a much larger patch. If you wish to de-thatch the grass in the future you can hire a de-thatching or scarifier or you could also use a garden fork to help aerate the soil. You may not need to do this for some time as the lawn is new.

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