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Why is my Buffalo grass dying in big brown patches?

I have added water saver, soil condtioner. The grass seems to just shrivel up then die in big round patches. No sign of lawn beetle or any other nasties. It receives enough water. Any suggestions?

Lawns • Pests

Dear Robina,

It does sound like curl grub damage but as you have already investigated and found no pest present there is obviously some other reason for the damage. There are fungal diseases that attack lawn such as dollar spot and brown patch which can be present during humid conditions. You may have to investigate further and let us know of any other symptoms. If you discover it is in fact curl grub damage, you would need to treat your lawn with Yates Baythroid from late winter to late spring will help reduce the number of adult African Black Beetles and that lay eggs that would develop into curl grubs. Help keep your lawn strong and healthy by giving it a weekly deep watering, mowing at a higher level and feeding it regularly with Yates Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food.



Answered: 4 Jan, 2019

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