Why did my blue couch lawn die after I used Powerfeed and Seasol?


24 March 2019 06:56 AM

Dear Tom,

Late/summer, autumn is the time when lawn armyworm is active. The caterpillar chews on the blade of the grass leaving nothing but bare stems behind. Once they have eaten all the available food in one area they move onto another, similar to an army on the march. Baythroid Lawn Grub and Garden Insectide is the product used to control this pest. The best way to get your lawn looking good again is to wait until the blades of the grass start to shoot again and then use a fertiliser such as Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate. It's an organically certified fertiliser, which contains seaweed, blood&bone and fish meal to help developing new roots and restoring healthy growth.

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