How do you know if you have Black Beetle in your lawn?

How do you know if you have black beetle in your lawn. I have not seen any on lawn but have seen on pavement.


02 February 2019 11:12 PM

Dear Megan,

African black beetle is active in early spring. They lay their eggs in soft soil (can be garden beds, pots and lawn areas). The larvae develop and if they are in large numbers, they can do a lot of damage, particularly in a lawn area. It is possible to have both adult beetle and the larvae present at the same time of year. The product to control the adult beetle is called Baythroid Lawn Grub & Garden Insecticide and this is best applied in early spring. Applying Yates Baythroid from late winter to late spring will help reduce the number of adult African Black Beetles and that lay eggs that would develop into curl grubs. Help keep your lawn strong and healthy by giving it a weekly deep watering, mowing at a higher level and feeding it regularly with Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food.

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