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Completely covered in weeds including bindi, clover, dandelions, broad leaf, etc and grass weeds. Need start to finish help!

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Hi Ashlee,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Try to weed and feed the lawn first with 'Yates BuffaloPRO Weed’n’Feed 2.4L Hose On'. Easy to use, liquid hose on that kill weeds and feeds lawns at the same time. Specially formulated for use on buffalo lawns. Selective control of bindii and most broadleaf weeds in lawns, with added fertiliser for healthy green lawn growth. Click here for more info on this product:


Unfortunately we don't have a selective herbicide for grassy weeds in lawn, you may try spot spray with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller which is a contact herbicide. Take care when applying as it will kill any plants it contacts. Click here for more info:

Once the weeds are controlled, you may try feed the lawn with slow release fertiliser such as 'Munns Professional Green Keeper Lawn Fertiliser'. It releases essential nutrients to feed your lawn in a precise controlled fashion, cleverly matching its nutrient demands to provide a lush, green healthy lawn for a full 6 months!
Click here for more details:


Hope this helps and happy gardening :)



Answered: 3 Sep, 2021

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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