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My weed and feed product isn’t sucking up.

I have checked the dip tube and tried a variety of water pressures and it still won’t suck up. Please advise on what to do. Thanks

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Sorry to hear it's not working properly for you.

If the tube is inserted properly, check for air bubbles.  To remove any bubbles in the internal tube, while the applicator flap is open and the hose (female connector) is attached to the product's applicator hose attachment (male connector), hold the product by the handle, turn on the water at the tap, then tilt the bottle sideways 45 degrees, allow the water to flow through the applicator for 30 seconds.

If this does not resolve the issue, or if you prefer, we can arrange for a replacement applicator to be sent to you. Alternatively, you can apply this product in a watering can at the rate of 300ml in 9 Litres of water.  This will cover an area of 20m2.



Answered: 9 Sep, 2020

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