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Is it possible to sow a cool season grass seed in June and oversow with a warm season grass in Spring?

New lawn in Ipswich.

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Yes, you certainly can oversow with a cool season lawn seed (e.g. Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass, Bent, and Ryegrass) in June, then oversow with a warm season lawn seed (e.g. kikuyu, couch). Most cool season turf types will become stressed in summer, with the exception of Tall Fescue.


Try Munns Arid Smartgrass Lawn Seed, as an easy to mow, non invasive, non thatching and drought tolerant turf. Contains cool season turf variety 'Tall Fescue'.


Don't forget to apply a seed starter fertiliser too when sowing, such as Munns Superstart Seed and Turf Starter Fertiliser




Answered: 4 Jun, 2021

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