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I just moved into my first property, and the lawn has lots of clover and dandelions. I wanted to use the weed and feed, but wasn't sure what type of lawn we have and was worried about using the wrong product. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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You have a kikuyu lawn. Any of our selective weedkillers and lawn fertilisers can be applied to this type of lawn. If you are looking at a 'lawn fertiliser and lawn weedkiller' combined product (i.e. Weed and Feed), we have the following options:

Yates Weed 'n' Feed Hose-On works by preventing plant growth

- Yates Weed'n'Feed Granular works by desiccation of broadleafed weeds

As both products kill weeds in different ways (mode of action), it can sometimes be beneficial to alternate between the two every now and then. 



Answered: 31 Jul, 2021

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