Why is my Queensland couch going yellow then dying?

This lawn is laid on sandy loam 300m from the ocean & is well maintained. Coochie Lawn Service applied fertiliser plus organics/iron & this resulted a nice blue/green colour but seems only a short term fix. My gut feeling is the nutrient is going past the roots & the plant not taking it in. Have got water & soil tests. Your advice would be appreciated, Stuart.


07 November 2012 10:06 PM

Hi Stuart,

From what you have said, it does sound like a nutrient deficiency. The fact that the grass has responded favourably when fertilisers have been applied is a good sign. You might like to try a Yates lawn fertiliser called Lawn Master. This is a slow release fertiliser that will feed your lawn continually for a period of 12 weeks and minimise nutrient leaching. We would advise that you use this product at least twice a year. I am sure you will soon see the results you are wanting.

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