Why does my Buffalo grass have dry patches, black areas and looks like its dying

We have an established lawn that was super green when we bought our new house 4 months ago. We've been watering, and I used "Weed'n'Feed" once, and now it has been getting worse every week! I read on the internet that it could be summer patch ? Or maybe fungus or a disease... I am not sure how to treat it ! Some of the dark patches have "white/grey bits" and it almost feel like sticky ashes when wet... There are some very green and healthy patches, so not sure what to do !!


13 February 2013 12:30 AM

Hi Marieke,

From the photo you have sent, it does look like a fungal disease that has invaded your lawn. Yates has a product called Yates Zaleton Dual Action Systemic Fungicide which, as well as controlling azalea petal blight, it will also control other plant diseases and turf disease. In particular it will control the disease Helminthosporium which can be present in lawns particular at this time of the year when weather conditions suit the spread of this disease. To apply this product follow the directions on the back of the pack covering the required number of square metres as stated. For curative control apply the product when symptoms first appear and repeat every14 - 21 days. This product can also be used as a preventative applying every 21-28 days when conditions favour this disease.

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