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Why isn't my iceberg lettuce hearting up?

My iceberg lettuce is not hearting up, could you tell me why please. [ I live on the sunshine coast. ]

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Hi Russell,

You don't mention how long you have been growing your lettuce. Lettuce is not difficult to grow but you need to grow it quickly for those crisp tender hearts to develop. To get the desired results, add plenty of organic matter to your garden beds and apply a pre-planting fertiliser (Thrive granular all purpose fertiliser). Your soils need to be friable and have the ability to hold water but be able to drain readily. This will ensure that your lettuce heart up. Lettuce also need a soil pH of about 7.5 so you may need to alter your pH (if it is too low) by applying some lime which will raise the pH. Lettuce plants have shallow roots so they need ample water, particularly during the warmer months. As the plants grow, give them regular water and apply a soluble fertiliser such as Thrive all purpose soluble fertiliser to keep them growing quickly and strongly. Keep up the fertiliser and I am sure those crisp hearts will develop.



Answered: 10 Dec, 2011

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