Why doesn't my garlic form cloves

Previously successfully grown garlic from vege shop, but last season they grew beautifully, but did not die down as expected and did not develop into cloves, just stayed as one bulb. The smell and flavour were excellent, but when cut was quite fibrous so not good in cooking. It was grown in a different bed from before and not up close to other plants. Can deficiency of some mineral cause this?


22 February 2015 03:22 AM

We advise that you do not use garlic from the shops to as planting material as if this is imported stock it could spread pathogens, it may also be treated to stop germination. It is best to buy planting cloves from a certified retailer to ensure you garlic is pathogen free. Your results might be different from last year if the garlic you used was a different cultivar from the one you used previously and this one is not suited to your region. As long as you fertilise with a complete fertiliser your results are not likely to be due to a nutrient deficiency.

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