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What are these tiny green insects on my lettuce?

They are killing the lettuce, you can shake them off but they come back and are getting worse

Herbs • Pests

Hi Steph,

Thank you for sending the photo. It looks like your lettuce are heavily infested with thrips. This pest is a sap sucking insect and can do considerable damage to crops and other plants. To control this pest, we would suggest a Yates product called Nature's way Vegie & Herb Spray. This is a low toxic organic soap based spray that works by suffocating and drying out the pest. You will need to repeat the application every 5-7 days to achieve control of this pest. As these pests build up in large numbers, they can damage your plants to a point where the plants are not acceptable to harvest. When this happens, although it is heart breaking, it is better to pull out the plants and start again with some new seedlings. Keep an eye on your seedling every day and take immediate action when first you notice the presence of this pest.



Answered: 26 Nov, 2012

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