How can I control a bulbous weed that looks like chives popping up in lawn?

The weed arrived in winter, with tall very thin spikes. The grass is a zoysia grass. See photo


19 August 2014 03:45 AM

Hi Simon,

It looks like you have an infestation of onion grass which is similar to onion weed which can be hard to get rid of.We don't have a registered chemical for this and normally the best way to controll it is to dig it out before it flowers.
Here is what we know about Guildford Grass or Onion Weed, it's a perennial grassy weed with between three and 10 thin, strappy leaves rising from the central base up to 30 cm long. The leaves are up to 2 mm wide with a prominent central midrib that protrudes to create an almost cylindrical leaf blade in cross section in a spear and quite a tough point.
Flowering in spring, the onion grass plant produces two to four small flowers per plant that are positioned around the base of the plant. The flowers are purple in colour with a base and centre, comprising of six lanceolate petals about 10 mm in length.

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