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Do you have an natural based , non-glyphosate weedkiller?

I want to kill ryegrass in preparation to grow flowering plants. Is there a product that does not contain glyphosate that will work? Will applying black plastic to the area for 2 weeks work?

I've also heard of plants, such Yellow Rattle Seeds Plants, that can inhibit grass growth. Is there something like this is Australia?

General Advice • Weeds

Yates Zero Naturals Weed & Moss Killer is a natural alternative to traditional weed control, that contains natural ingredients - Clove Oil & Acetic Acid - to kill weeds fast. The product works by leaf desiccation, which essentially burns the above ground parts of the plant. For a plant such as Ryegrass, the product would need to be reapplied to achieve desired results. A combination of weedkiller and hand removal will provide optimal results.


Applying black plastic will help to block out the light, and also heat the ground up to help kill the grass, however, the plastic would need to be there for a least a few months, and, it will probably end up killing the organisms, and micro-organisms in the soil, causing a deterioration of soil health and structure. We recommend to avoid this practice where possible.


We don't have a seed that is known for preventing/inhibiting grass growth - this process is known as "allelopathy". There are many plants that do this, including native plants such as Acacia cambagei and Casuarina equisetifolia.



Answered: 30 Oct, 2021

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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