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What are the application instructions for Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust?

The instructions say "Apply uniformly to foliage including underside of leaves." How do I sprinkle the dust so it lands on the underside of the leaves? Is there a technique that coaxes the dust to fall up in still air - or is there some other piece of equipment that will achieve this? Your advice would be very gratefully received

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Hi Barry,

Yes I agree with you, it can be difficult to apply the product to the undersides of the leaves with the shaker pack. I know that we do suggest on the label, best results are achieved when the dust is applied both on the top and underneath the leaves. We can also say that when trials were done, the bulk of the dust would have been applied to the top of the foliage and still, good results were achieved. The reason we say, apply underneath the leaves, is because tiny caterpillars may be hiding in these areas and it would be good to kill them off before they have a chance to mature. Regular inspection of your tomato plants, if you have the time, would also be helpful in controlling these nuisance pests. You can be assured also that we are always looking at new ways in which to better pack our products. Hope you harvest a good crop this year.



Answered: 21 Nov, 2012

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