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Is Pest Oil and White Oil the same?

does pest oil make up for white oil since you cant use white oil during late autumn and winter?

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Dear Andrew,

When using PestOil, the risk of damage to plant material is greatly reduced due to the addition of unique UV protectants. There is a need to avoid spraying citrus trees with Yates White Oil during autumn/winter. The conditions can be quite frosty at this time of the year so it is not adviseable to spray oil onto the glossy leaves as it may cause some burning. PestOil can be sprayed on your citrus at any time of the year because it contains UV protectants. Of course if a frost is expected, caution should be taken to protect your trees from damage. Yates White Oil can still be used during the winter months to spray on deciduous trees to control pests such as scale and mites.



Answered: 28 May, 2011

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