Can you please provide the mixing instructions for Yates Carbaryl?

can you please help me with the water chemical mix ratio for spraying monolepta beetles on mango avacado and macadamia nut trees


06 September 2012 05:02 AM

Hi Rob,

Yates no longer has Carbaryl in our range of products. It would be 10 years since we distributed this product. You might like to look on the label for a date of manufacture. If it is over 5 years old, we would suggest you dispose of product responsibly (local council will be able to direct you to drop off centre where you can take the bottle). You may be able to purchase this pesticide through another supplier. If you would like to contact your local nursery, they may be able to advise you further. You might also like to contact your local branch of the Department of Primary Industries who may also be able to help you further with a control for this particular beetle.

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