After applying blood and bone why does my garden smell like rotting

FYI my tomato plants are planted next to basil, oregano and Mint. Oh does anyone have suggestions on how to control caterpillars organically.


16 February 2019 02:28 AM

Dear G,

Blood & Bone is an organic product and does release a smell when applied to the garden. Be sure not to over-apply the product and apply it at the rate of 100grams per square metre. It is necessary to dig the blood & bone into the existing soil so it is not left on top of the soil. It does sound like the soil underneath the sugar cane mulch has become excessively wet and anerobic (lack of oxygen)thus creating a rotting smell. The small flies can be attracted to this smell but it's not likely they will cause any harm to the plants in your vegie garden as they are more interested in decaying matter. You may need to push back the sugar cane mulch to let the surrounding soil aerate and ensure that the blood & bone is worked into the soil. Caterpillars can be controlled with a product called Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel. It is derived from a naturaly occurring bacteria, bacillus thuringiensis and will control caterpillars, but will not harm other insects, birds, fish or warm blooded animals.

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