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Our Pink Gem Lilly Pilly seems to have a lot of dead branches in the middle of the tree....

We went through a flood in 2021 & the ground just has not dried out.. Should we give it a hard cut back or take it out....

General Advice • Plants

The flood you mentioned is almost certainly the reason for the die-back in your Lilly pilly and may well result in its eventual death.  Lilly pillies do not like to be too wet and suffer with root rot when they do.
If you are particularly fond of the trees then you could remove all of the dead material to open up the centre of the plant and allow some air flow. They will tolerate a hard prune and we would suggest that this be done at the onset of Spring to see if they respond with new growth. If this is not the case you may well have to consider an alternative planting.



Answered: 11 Jul, 2022

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