Is there one to use near chicken pen. Worried my chooks may eat a dead rat and die

Which is best option?


26 October 2021 10:43 AM

It is difficult to control mice and rats around chicken coops. 
Ratsak Trap Stations can be used where pets are present.  These can be placed outside the area where the chickens have access.  Please use as as directed.
Try 'Ratsak Trap Station' as a poison free alternative to control rodents which allows for catch and disposal of rodents to ensure safe removal. Station helps keep powerful trap away from children and pets.
Please click here for more info on this product:
Alternatively, as a deterrent, try 'Ratsak Repel Rodent Repel Gel', a dual action formulation which uses natural ingredients - garlic oil and white pepper - to repel rats and mice. The garlic oil is smell which discourages rodents while white pepper creates an uncomfortable sensation of warmth on their feet and face. Click here for more info on this product:
The Ratsak Repel Rodent Repel Gel can be applied to the areas where rats climb and/or enter the chicken coop. 

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