Do you still sell Stressguard

We have been planting new trees and transplanting others all avocado's, i bought this product called Stressguard from the local Trading Company, it came in 200ml bottles, it protects the plants from transplant shock, and a number of other things, as they only had 5 bottles of this we bought what they had, but they now tell us they cannot get it any more. we would like to get hold of more if available as this is an ongoing process for us with the avocado's. Could you please let me know if Yates still make this product.. Thanks Anne.


09 April 2012 11:33 PM

Stressguard is now known as Yates Waterwise DroughtShield. This ready-to-use product is available in two sizes - 750 ml and 2.5 litres. Alternatively, a concentrate anti-transpirant called Wilt Not is available through rural suppliers.

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