What should I use as a base for my vegetable garden?

When making a new vegetable garden which of the following should I use as a base? 1 Weed Mat 2 Weed Mat and newspapers 3 Just newspapers.


21 May 2019 12:27 AM

Dear Jeanette,

I am assuming you are creating a 'no dig garden' for your vegetable garden as you are asking what to use for a base. If you are creating a 'no dig garden' mark out the area and edge it with bricks so it will be able to retain the soil. Then cover the entire area with sheets of newspaper(avoid using coloured print)using 6 sheets of newspaper will be adequate thickness. Make sure there are no gaps so weeds can't grow through. Then water the newspaper well, which will enable it to break down. Cover the area with lucern hay or pea straw and water lightly. After that, apply a layer of well rotted chicken manure as it has a high nitrogen content. Add a layer of loose straw followed by another layer of manure and water again lightly. You can continue to add as many layers as you like. When you are ready to plant out your vegetable seedlings, add some good compost to the whole surface area and incorporate well. Now you are ready to plant your vegetables.

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