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What's the best soil to grow mondo grass?

Hi there, I am going to plant Mondo Grass as edging for my garden bed. Currently the garden bed has Japanese boxes hedges. The position is full/part sun. Can you advise what type of soil is best for Mondo Grass? Thanks

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Hi Penny,

Mondo grass is not particularly fussy and will grow in most potting mixes as long as the mix is free draining and contains organic material. If the current soil/potting mix has these properties then the mondo grass will not require anything extra. However, you may consider adding some water crystals into the mix plus some compost because the mondo will be planted against the edge of the garden bed. Are the beds raised or adjoining the lawn? If the garden beds are adjoining the lawn keep the mondo well maintained so that is doesn't invade the lawn. It is quite aggressive and will spread easily if the conditions are suitable.



Answered: 28 Aug, 2012

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