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Please advise what veggies I can grow in a portable garden bed

As i am a renter, i cannot make a permanent vegetable garden, but i am looking to make a raised portable garden that i can take with me when i move. i am looking to grow all types of vegetables, from beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes and anything in between. firstly, is there any ideas to have portable vegetable gardens, and secondly if i build my own portable garden how deep does the garden need to be to grow any vegetables from start of growing to picking/eating the vegetables.

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Hi Kim.

You can make portable garden beds from all types of recycled materials as well as purchasing 'ready to erect' ones. These garden beds can be tailored to suit your needs, eg suitable height and width to go into the desired spot in your garden. Depending upon what you plan to grow, a good size garden bed would be about 3M long x 1.5 wide and approx 60cm deep. This size will enable you to grow a variety of leafy and root type vegies for the winter months ahead. You will need to get in a load of organic soil to then fill the garden bed. I think the best thing to do is to go to your local hardware store or nursery where you can get some ideas on what type of portable garden beds suits you. You might even consider doing a 'no dig' garden bed. Have a look on our websitee and I am sure you will find all the info you need.



Answered: 6 Jun, 2015

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