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Is sugar cane ok to use on Rodedendorums, Gardenias and Magnolias?

We have black soil but does not seen heavy or sticky. Magnolia's Gardenias and Rodedendorums have been in about 9 months and doing Ok went to a nursery yesterday and saw info not to use sugar cane mulch on Rodedendorums, no staff around to ask, have just put down 15 bales as we have a large garden should we remove the sugar cane mulch ?

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Mulch is a fantastic addition to a garden. There are many benefits to mulching your garden. The most beneficial to rhododendron's it that they retain moisture in the soil, this is a huge plus for the shallow rooted rhododendron. The other benefits of mulch include: moderating soil temperature, slow erosion, stop mechanical compaction, aids beneficial micro-organisms and improves soil structure and texture. Unless there is a specific reason to remove the mulch, you should leave it in place and let it work its magic.



Answered: 27 Mar, 2015

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