How do you grow and maintain Crouton Eura?

Can I cut the stem and replant in soil? Plant at least 4yrs old and otherwise healthy and happy Could I just bury the stem in a much bigger pot so its not top heavy? will that rot the stem?


29 September 2013 05:11 AM

Hi Tina

Crotons may be pruned heavily during spring or other mild periods of the year. Crotons tend to produce heavy growth at the top of the plant leaving the stems at the bottom quite bear. You can cut back rather heavily to force new foliage lower down on the stem. It is best to prune about one-third of the branches, then wait until new growth has started before pruning again. This keeps the plant more uniform in shape and more attractive during the pruning process. From the prunings you can take cuttings. Prepare a pot with a free draining potting mix for the cuttings to go into. Remove a good percentage of the foliage, just leaving a few leaves at the top of the cutting. Dip the cuttings into a cutting powder (hormone powder) and place into the prepared pot. It will take several months for roots on the cuttings to strike. Once you see this has occurred, you can transplant your cuttings into the garden.

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