Will green passionfruits ripen off the vine?

a lot of our passion fruit vine fell down during a storm and we gathered about 40 large green passion fruit which are full of fruit (but sour of course). Is there any hope for them?


18 May 2015 08:43 AM

Hi Laurel,

What a shame so many of your passionfruit have fallen off the vine. Storms can certainly play havoc when they hit, especially in the garden. You would normally pick the fruit when it has changed from green to purple thus allowing as much time as possible for the fruit to mature and ripen on the vine. I wish I could say that the fruit will 'sweeten up' but unforunately if it is sour now and I think it is likely to stay that way. All is not lost, your vine will produce again next year, so come spring, fertilise the vine with some Dynamic Lifter Pellets to encourage flowering and fruiting. Give ample moisture to the vine during the hot summer months and I am sure next summer/autumn your vine will reward you with lots of delicious sweet fruits.

From your friends at Yates Gardening

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